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Justin Bieber is walking away from a hit-and-run accusation leveled against him by a paparazzo.  According to "TMZ," the Los Angeles County District Attorney dropped the case on Wednesday. 

The incident in question took place in June, when the alleged victim - a photographer - claimed Bieber injured him by pinning him between two cars while trying to leave a parking spot on the street in West Hollywood.  The singer said he was blinded by the paparazzo's flash against his windshield as he was moving out of the spot.  The judge has ruled that there is "insufficient evidence" to prove Bieber "knowingly left the scene of the collision in which someone was injured." 

Meantime, one New York City nightclub has reportedly snubbed the pop star.  "TMZ" reports that the Griffin Nightclub turned down the Biebs and his crew when he showed up there earlier this week, supposedly attempting to avoid the fate of one Chicago establishment that was cited in June for allegedly serving the 19-year-old alcohol. 

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