I learned something from the Columbus Blue Jackets this year.

Absolutely NOTHING compares to playoff hockey.

I've been to OSU Basketball tournament games, MLB playoff games... I've even been to the Shoe for a couple of OSU vs. M*ch*gan football games... and no disrespect to any of them... but there is nothing like the ENERGY inside of Nationwide Arena during a Blue Jackets playoff game.

As you would expect, it was beyond loud...(See my Instagram video from the first game below.)

In fact, the fans were so loud during the first two home games that they BLEW THE SPEAKERS at Nationwide Arena trying to keep the volume loud enough to be heard over the crowd! (Read about it here.)

But fans don't cheer unless you give them something to cheer for.

And the Jackets gave us all they had to give!

We got to watch a team that simply REFUSED to quit... Just when you thought they were down for the count... they fought back... they BATTLED back... to come from behind, overtime and DOUBLE overtime victories.

And they did all of this against a Pittsburgh Penguins team full of stars and seasoned with playoff experience.

I could not be prouder of our Columbus Blue Jackets. I have never seen a team play with more heart and soul... right til the very end.

Thank you, #CBJ! You did your city proud.

Is it next season, yet? :)

- Marty (Let's connect on Twitter and Instagram)

Photo credit: (Jackets TV Capture)