The Top 5 Things Moms Want for Mother's Day

A new survey found 70% of us plan to buy a Mother's Day gift this year and spend $58 on average.  

However, 1 in 5 people think it's difficult to find a GOOD gift.  

Well, a bunch of moms voted on what the BEST Mother's Day gifts are.  

Here are the top five . . .  Hopefully this will help!  


1.  Flowers.  Which seems boring and cliché.  But 48% of moms said that if they only get one gift this year, that's what they want. 


2.  Dinner at a nice restaurant.  43% said it's a great gift.  And obviously they want you to go WITH them.  Don't just drop her off in the Red Lobster parking lot. 


3.  A gift card.  41% of moms said it's a good Mother's Day gift.  But don't just hand it to her.  Put it in a card.  And obviously pick a gift card for a place she LIKES. 


4.  Jewelry.  28% of moms said they'd like to get jewelry for Mother's Day.  And it's a good gift for multiple people to chip in on. 


5.  Beauty products.  27% of moms said it's a great gift.  Just make sure it's something she'll use.  If you're not sure, then think about something like a Birchbox subscription, where she gets different stuff every month.  


(PR Newswire)

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