The Manslator

What men say on a date versus what they really mean are totally different. Here are some examples, courtesy of

Why are you still single?

(Do other guys like you or there something weird about you that I should know?)

You’re pretty intimidating.

(I’m afraid that my normal ways of impressing someone won’t work on you and I’m trying to make that your fault.)

My exes are crazy.

(I cause sane people to do crazy sh**.)

There must be a ton of guys after you - why did you go out with me?

(Tell me what's great about me.)

I'm just having fun right now.

(I want to have sex without the commitment, and I'm gonna remind you of this three months from now.)

My job is pretty complicated.

(I need to date someone dumber than me.)

She's like my best friend - you're gonna love her!

(We are gonna argue about her for the entirety of our relationship.)

I don't want to hurt you.

(I'm definitely gonna hurt you.)

I don't get guys obsession with porn.

(I haven't looked at porn since the beginning of this date.)

I'm just so sick of drama!

(I love drama!)


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