Bachelor's Corinne Did Not Consent to Sexual Conduct

Bachelor in Paradise production has been suspended due to sexual misconduct involving Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson during the very first day of filming. According to DeMario's side of the story, there was heavy touching, licking, and kissing in a pool where both him and Corinne were extremely intoxicated. Production was suspended and cast members sent home after a complaint was filed by producers who were uncomfortable what happened.

According to new reports, Corinne says she was completely blacked out and would not have gone through with what happened if she had control at the time. Seeing the videos and hearing the stories from the crew was the first time she actually knew about what happened. She has reportedly lawyered up while the investigation resumes.

Reality show guru Reality Steve says that with 100% certainty, this season of Bachelor in Paradise will not happen.

The investigation is still going on and the full story from TMZ is below:



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