Did Lorde Have A Secret Onion Ring Reviewing Instagram?

It seems that Lorde has been running a secret Instagram account called @onionringsworldwide where she reviewed onion rings from around the world. When a journalist asked Lorde's people if that account was hers, they didn't confirm or deny but all of a sudden the account was taken down! Hmmm...

Other bits of evidence that the account belonged to Lorde:

  • Some onion rings were reviewed in places that Lorde was performing at that time.
  • Lorde's nails are always kept short much like the nails shown in the pictures. 
  • The word "flavor" was spelled as "flavour" which is how New Zealanders (Lorde included) spell the word.

Hmm...I'm really thinking it was a thing! Does this make her Lorde of the rings? Lolzz..



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