Oprah's Wonder Woman Party Looked So Freaking Fun

First of all, if you haven't seen Wonder Woman I am so sorry. It's just SO GOOD. And as a nerd, I wasn't even supposed to like it because it's DC and I'm Marvel all the way. Sorry, Marvy.

Anyways, if I can't convince you that Wonder Woman is the real deal then maybe Oprah Winfrey can.

She threw a Wonder Woman party for young girls that are in a leadership program, which is understandable since she's been mentoring girls for years! Can you imagine being invited to Oprah's house?! How lucky!

Here's how the party went down:

Oprah had all of the best official WW gear. That headdress? Perfection.


Can we talk about that cake topper?! NEED.


Even Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, approved.


But let's be honest...the best part of being at Oprah's house for a party would be for all of the gourmet food you'd get cooked up for you by her chefs: 


As if I didn't love you enough already, Oprah. Your party slayed.


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