How To Make A Healthy Taco for #TacoTuesday

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It's Taco Tuesday, friends! That means all of your friends on Instagram have another excuse this week to go binge on tacos and margaritas. No judgments here, btw...I'm right there with them. 

And you know it's tough to eat just one taco at a time! So it's best to make sure that the tacos you're eating are healthy. 

First step: make your own at home. Store-bought ingredients are so much less healthy because of preservatives and other junk they put in it! 

This pic below shows you how to make a good taco. Go forth and celebrate Taco Tuesday in a way that's better for you!

Let's taco'bout it 😜 Here's an illustration of how you could go right with your taco Tuesday night vs. how you could go wrong. The macros only paint a small picture as all the added ingredients, preservatives etc is what really effects this meal choice. Some things to think about: 1️⃣ Pick the right veggies - iceberg lettuce adds virtually no nutrition, vitamins or minerals whereas; a leafy green like spinach is packed with fiber and added nutrients . Canned tomatoes have added preservatives unlike chopping up your own fresh cherry tomatoes 😋 Adding items like bell peppers gives you an extra crunch and added vitamins & minerals. 2️⃣ Pick the right tortillas - the flour tortillas have such a long list of ingredients I couldn't fit in the picture whereas the corn tortillas I found at Trader Joe's are literally just: ground corn, water + traces of lime. 3️⃣ Skip the added dairy and/or keep it minimal - sour cream & cheese can be inflammatory and add on calories. If you're going to add cheese, keep it to small amounts like 2 tbsp (1/8 cup). #mealprep #mealprepmonday #mealprepsunday #fitfood #cooking #fitspo #taco #tacotuesday #cleaneating #fitnessmeals #food #foodporn #healthyfood #gymfood #fastfood #fitfoodporn #cleaneats #macros #cleaneating #foodprep #foodforfuel #mealpreponfleek #fitfoodporn #foodfacts #FoodDiary #caloriecounting

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