We Took Pizzas to Fans Waiting for Twenty One Pilots!

As most of Columbus knows, Twenty One Pilots are giving back to their hometown this week by performing at five different Cbus venues in just six days. They've already conquered the Basement and Newport, and now tonight is Express Live!


If you've ever been to a show at Express Live! (formerly the LC), you know that it's general admission aka standing room only. So if you wanna get to the show right when it starts, fine...but you're not going to be anywhere near the stage. 

Well, TOP fans knew that and started camping out in front of the venue over a week before the show. We met one group who had been out there for EIGHT. DAYS.

What do you deserve for that kind of dedication? Well, a front row spot for one...but also....PIZZA.


Jimmy and I took almost twenty pizzas down to the superfans and the crowd went wild! It was fun, maybe a little unsafe (see above picture again) and just plain awesome to see how much hometown Twenty One Pilots fans love them. 

Watch the moment the pizza was delivered below!



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