Our Fourth of July Festivities Were (Literally) Lit

Red, White, & Boom was SO good this year, guys. 


First came the parade, where I got to wear a cool cape and have my own truck. I've really made it. 


When we got to Boom central, we had the coolest RV I've probably ever seen. Here was the outside:



The picture doesn't even do it justice, but still...why is this moving travel-mobile better than everywhere I've ever lived?!


Oh, and it was filled with pizza from Sbarro, which was what truly made my day. 

Tons of people came out to see the fireworks:


And boy, did they deliver. Twenty-six minutes of pure magic. And the soundtrack was so much fun! Couldn't stop dancing/marching/crying during it.

So lucky to live in such a beautiful city with a beautiful Boom! See you next yeeeear!


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