People Have Hilarious Reactions to Kylie Jenner's Baby's Name

Kylie Jenner dropped the big news on Sunday that she'd birthed a baby girl, her first with rapper Travis Scott. And that's all fine and good because everyone suspected it was coming, so at this point people were dying to know the name. 

And she finally delivered yesterday with an Instagram post: Stormi Webster (Travis Scott's real last name)!

And of course, the Internet went wild with tweets about it. The one we've all seen the most? Probably this one:

But not everyone felt the same way:

Ha. Here are some other tweets about the new name that made me chuckle this morning:

I think the name Stormi is cute and strangely more normal than I thought she would choose humor is humor! 

Lemme know if you've seen funnier memes or tweets about the new name! I wanna see 'em!

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