Why It's Not Devastating to Be A Millennial

So Kelsey just found out she's a millennial and she's freaking out about it...see her blog post here.

Now I've known I was a millennial ever since that term became mainstream, so maybe that's why I'm not so devastated about it...but honestly I don't think being a millennial is such a horrible thing. Yes, we get a bad reputation for being the first ones exposed to social media in such an all-consuming way and for being "entitled" or "selfish" because of it (all of this among other things), but all I have to say about that is: 

*rolling eyes emoji*

I was born in 1991, so I got to experience the switch from pagers to mainstream cell phones just like you "old" people did. When I first started driving, I didn't have a smart phone to guide me anywhere, so if I got lost I had to ask for directions just like our oldest ancestors. AND I had to wait for our dial-up internet to start up with all those weird AF noises before I could get on it to check my newest fake chain emails.

But why does this make me better than anyone? It doesn't! And why does having all of the faster versions of the above in my pocket make me any worse than anyone else? Again: it doesn't!

Don't listen to the haterz...it's really not horrible to be a millennial. It basically just feels like an upgraded version of 1997. The things we always wanted at our fingertips are now at our fingertips...and we get to be at the forefront of it all! We can all reminisce in the nostalgia of our old-timey past while we order delivery by texting the pizza emoji to Domino's. There's nothing wrong with reveling in this.

So, to Kelsey: I am glad you are one of us. Because we're not only the generation that has gotten to fully experience this all from a young age, but also the one that's going to continue to help improve where it goes in the future. So welcome to our little millennial club! Now let's take a selfie.

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