How it Feels to Have One of the Most Common Millennial Names

A list of the most common millennial baby names just came out and as an "Ashley," I'm on it. Number two to be exact. That means there are at least 716,000 people that I share my name with in this world. AND since I also have the second most common last name in this country as well, that means that I have a ridiculous amount of people walking around with the exact same first and last name as me. Just a bunch of other Ashley J's out there living their lives just like I am. Whoa.

Here's what it was like growing up with a popular AF name:

1. I was always referred to as "Ashley J."

Because there was almost always another Ashley in the same class as me, I was always called by my last initial too. Remember in elementary school when you had to write your first name everywhere? Mine always had the J. That's just how it went.

2. I had two other Ashley's on my soccer team

And because "Ashley J!" is too long of a thing to shout when you're wanting the ball passed to you, it was shortened to "J." I was called J for a solid four years of soccer playing and I didn't even mind because it meant I had my own name for a second of my life. Because...

3. My stepsister's name is also Ashley

Yup. Even our own parents had to differentiate us in some way, usually by including our middle names (which rhymed...omg). But sometimes they didn't even do that, which left me to realize that people in my house wanted to talk to my stepsister Ashley way more than they wanted to talk to me.

Oh, and I also had a younger cousin named Ashley. Oy.

4. I got in trouble for things that other Ashley's did

I had five Ashley's in my middle school gym class. FIVE. Once I was called in to talk to the gym teacher because I had apparently used profanity during class. "I swear, teacher! I wasn't the Ashley that time!!

5. I was once purposely placed with EIGHT. OTHER. ASHLEYS. in a workplace

This is no joke. There were eight of us (AND an Ashton) working at my attraction at Walt Disney World because the job placement person thought it would be funny. I know this because she told me and the other Ashley J. I worked with this during our orientation. Real funny, lady.

To be frank, being an Ashley can be pretty cool though.. I guess. It's a simple enough name (especially since mine is spelled the easy way) and somehow I'm the only one at this station with the name. So I won't complain, but I won't necessarily name my own kid something super common one day. Also, I've never met a 70-year-old Ashley, so it'll be cool to be a part of that pool in 50 years. Shout out to my Ashleys out thereeee~

See if your name is on the super common millennial name list (if you somehow don't already know) here:

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