Columbus Is SO on the Grow!

As the "news director" for The 97.9 WNCI Morning Zoo, I scour the internet every night looking for what's happening in the capital city. From the basketball Bucks getting ready for the Big Dance, to a new zoo penguin named "Her Majesty Gertrude Sprinklebottom", here are a few things I think are cool/meaningful/adorable, today:

Columbus is getting it's biggest HOTEL, ever. The Hilton Columbus downtown has announced it's expanding across High Street, adding a 22-story tower with hundreds of rooms, meaning it will be the first hotel in the city to have 1,000 rooms! This will be huge for conventions and sporting events, and for anyone who wants to visit the best city in Ohio! Here's more from the Columbus Dispatch:

Next up, Ohio State is looking for volunteers to participate in a study of how video games affect the brain. Whoa. I haven't played video games since I formed thumb blisters from Mario Bros. 3 on the original Nintendo. However, if you're a gamer, you could be part of this groundbreaking study. You'll get $45 for doing what you already do, every day. Tap here for more information about the Cognitive Communication Science Lab.

The Basketball Bucks are dancing! After a two-year hiatus, Ohio State Men's basketball is back in the NCAA tournament. A five-seed in the West Region, "we" kick off the tourney with a match-up against South Dakota State on Thursday afternoon. I don't care much about sports, but I sure love the Buckeyes and Brutus. Let's do this! 

The Ohio State Women's Basketball team killed it this season, as usual. They just found out that they're a third seed, and will kick off tournament action against George Washington Saturday at home at the Schott at 1:30. OSU has been to the Sweet 16 in each of the past two seasons, but has not made the Final Four since 1993. Oh, and how cool is this, the Schott is hosting the finals, so if we make it all the way, they'll be playing AT HOME. Woot!

Rally for Reagan. Over the weekend, hundreds celebrated the life of murdered Ohio State student Reagan Tokes, whose alleged killer is currently on trial. Proceeds go toward an annual educational scholarship in her name. In her mom's words, "What an incredible way to honor Reagan's legacy and memory than by providing the gift of education." 

And finally, The Columbus Zoo is celebrating SEVEN new babies! Over the winter, five otter pups, a Langur monkey and a Humboldt penguin were born. Oh, and the penguin's name is "Her Majesty Gertrude Spinklebottom", but we're told she'll just be called Gertrude for short. CAN YOU EVEN?!