PSA: I Had A Black Cat Before Black Panther was Cool

Black Panther is still killing it at the box office so the memes are flowing and the support for it is abundant all over the interwebz. This movie is such a powerful movie for the black community, showing much needed representation at its finest. And in all seriousness, it may be helping to find homes for lots of black cats around the country. 

Black cats tend to not be adopted as quickly as other black cats, which breaks my heart and the hearts of animal lovers alike. It's unfortunately the result of hundreds of years of superstitions that black cats mean bad luck. We see black cats during Halloween, on witches shoulders, and in Edgar Allan Poe works. They don't exactly have the best associations in our minds when it comes to considering one to be in our homes.

But what's really cool about black cats is that they really do bear a resemblance to their larger cousins, the black panthers. So during this hype of the Black Panther movie, black cats are looking like a cool mini version that can hang out in your living room window. How could you pass one up?!

I didn't have a preference in cats when I picked one to adopt at the shelter, but my cat Nate just happens to be a black panther lookalike and I'm so proud of it! We've lived together for two years now and I couldn't be happier that his relatives could be getting comfy homes now just like him. His name may not be T'Challa, but he's still a pretty badass feline.

If you're in the market for a kitty, I couldn't recommend getting a black cat any more. Happy adopting!

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