Ashley Reviews Demi Lovato's Tell Me You Love Me Tour

It's been almost two years since Demi Lovato has visited Columbus on tour, but she showed up last night and freakin' killllled the stage at the Schott for an insanely packed crowd. So let's walk through what happened, shall we?

First of all, I have to shout out my boss Jimmy Jam who showed that even the Tin Man can have a heart. He took me backstage to meet Demi in 2016 and this is what sweaty, fangirly Ashley looked like back then for that: 

So obviously, I was more than ecstatic that he let me go back again this time to both stare at my favorite star and to take an updated picture of us as well...which as we know is the most important thing to get when you meet a celebrity. 

So after I was done being *skull emoji x3* it was time for the concert to begin! 

First came R&B singer Kehlani who has such an incredible voice and vibe. She rocked the stage and you could tell she was not ashamed about it. I'm lowkey obsessed with her song "Distraction," so when she started to sing it, it was all I could do to not just keep saying "YAAASSS" at how excited I was to see it performed in person. Demi couldn't have picked a better person to tour with to get the crowd pumped up. The girl has talent.

And then there was DJ KHALED! Okay, I'm gonna be honest...I had no idea what to expect from him in concert. I mean, you'd think he'd just stand behind a computer and press buttons to play his songs and yell "DJ KHALED! ANOTHER ONE!" a lot, right? Well, mostly. Except he wasn't even the one pressing the buttons...he had a guy doing it for him. So that freed up his hands for him to hold the "DJ KHALED! ANOTHER ONE!" mic in one hand and put his other arm in the air a la "Everybody hands go UP! And they stay there..." His arm literally stayed there. I'm not joking. So that was DJ Khaled in a nutshell.

AND THEN IT WAS TIME FOR D LO HERSELF. Demi Lovato rose up from a trap door under the stage and looked like an angel dressed in all black. She started the entire night with her powerhouse song "You Don't Do it For Me Anymore" and the whole room was just moved by her voice already.

I'm not gonna go song by song here, but I'll tell you the highlights. 

--During "Confident" she donned a sparkly pink boxer's robe and walked through the whole floor of the crowd, which pumped them up for obvious reasons

--There was lots of girl on girl/boy on boy love during "Cool for the Summer," also for obvious reasons

--She got onto a bed during "Lonely" and during the Lil Wayne rap break proceeded to hump the bed and move sexily all over it in her white lingerie AND EVERYONE IN THE ROOM WAS SHOOKETH

--She FREAKING SLAYED at the Spanish lyrics of her Luis Fonsi collab "Echame La Culpa" and I srsly almost collapsed

--She did a powerful and moving tribute to those with mental health issues with her incredible song "Warrior"

--The Columbus Gay Men's Chorus joined her for "Sorry Not Sorry" and "Tell Me You Love Me" and it just gave me alllll of the chills

Okay, those are the top highlights IMO. My ONLY criticism? As a long time Lovatic, I wish she would've busted out just a few more of her older songs. But also I totally understand why she didn't. Her new music is a new direction for her and it's bomb AF.

So that was the night through my eyes. And although that was my ninth time seeing Demi (I know. I'm ridiculous), this show was truly one to remember. Her tours and performances just keep getting bigger and better so I CANNOT wait to see her next tour. If you were ever on the fence about going to her show in another city, I say jump over that fence and just GO. GOOOO! You won't regret it. <3

To see my Instagram story for more videos from the show, follow me @ashsheree. Thx bye.

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