It's Totally Okay to be an Introvert

Hi, I'm Ashley. And I'm an introvert. (Hi, Ashley!)

Yeah, being introverted and working in radio may not seem like they go hand in hand, I know. But I'm the producer for a show where a bunch of other people talk a lot and I don't have pressure on me, so it happens to work. 

If you're not sure if you're also an introvert, check this list for a start:

  • You hate small talk - I mean, what's the point of talking about the weather to someone who's just mentioning it because they happened to see you in the hallway?
  • Downtime doesn't make you feel unproductive - Because sometimes we just need to recharge our batteries, you know?
  • Talking in front of 500 people is a lot less stressful than having to talk to them one on one later - This is real, this is me. I can get up in front of 500 people and do something really silly and feel good about it. But the second I walk into the restroom at the same time as an acquaintance, I'm panicked and my life is over.
  • You've always been called an "old soul" - I'm 26 but I love hanging out with people that are older than me because I feel like I identify with them more and I've defs always been that way.
  • Someone has told you to come out of your shell - If I had a dollar for every time someone told me this, I'd move out of my shell and into a mansion.

(Thanks, Huffington Post.)

Does any of this sound like you? Then you might be an introvert. And there's nothing wrong with it at all. Can you imagine if everyone on earth walked around PURPOSELY talking to others?! Yikes.

Here are a few benefits of being an introvert for ya: 

  • You can be alone without necessarily feeling lonely - And if you have a cat like I do, you're never truly alone :)
  • You're usually more observant than non-introverts - Since we're not interacting as much as others, we can pick up on things that others who are too busy being extroverts may not.
  • You can make deeper bonds with others - Since you're not willing to tell your inner thoughts and feelings to most other people, you're more likely to be more deeply connected with the people you actually decide to share these with. 

(And a big thanks here to Introvert Meets World.)

My takeaway: 

Growing up, I was upset that I was so introverted. I just wanted to get out there and do cool extrovert things. But now that I'm older and super wise (okay, I'm trying at least) I know that I can still do super cool things but just in a different way than extroverts do. And then I can go home and recharge my batteries and have no regrets. 

Yay, introverts. 

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