The Top Sheet Debate

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Producer Ashley and I text everyday about anything and everything. And in stranger news, I once napped in her bed. I was taking care of @nateythecat and not uncommonly, I suddenly fell tired. I got into her bed to discover ... NO. TOP. SHEET. WTH? Like what about when she's too hot for a comforter and too cold for nothing. And what about having to wash the comforter all of the time because your body touches it every night? I texted her immediately and she confirmed: "No, I don't use a top sheet. It just gets tangled." Wait, was I doing sleep wrong? She had a point - the tangle factor. The yesterday, USA Today published an article about the top sheet debate. Apparently, it's a Millenniall thing? They/we have killed chain restaurants, actual phone calls, and the top sheet. 


According to the article, here are the pros and cons of the top sheet:


  1. A flat sheet helps with temperature control.
  2. The sheet keeps a duvet clean longer.


  1. The sheet gets bunched up at night.
  2. It adds extra work.

And their survey found that 70% of their readers still use one, but 27% do not. Now I'm reevaluating this whole thing - making a bed would be SO much easier without a top sheet. But, when do I really ever make my bed?! I'm a sweater, so I feel the top sheet really helps during those nights when I have to throw the cover off like it's hot lava. And what about in the summer when the windows are open and a comforter is too hot? What does Ash do then? Lemme text her. 

What do you think? I NEED TO KNOW:

Here's actual footage of my bed rn:

Clearly, cleaniness is not a priority to me. Rosie's comfort is. But while we're on this topic, what about decorative pillows? Ugh, I'm super torn about those - when the bed is made, they look so pretty, but they are always a nap-block ... one more obstacle between me and sleep. Notice I don't mention what my personal sleeping partner prefers, as I sleep in a separate bed from my husband Sunday - Thursday. Since I get up at the a** crack of dawn, we've found everyone is happier when my 3:30am alarm is going off in my own room. Oh, and don't forget about the snooze and the 3:50 alarm and 3:55 alarm. On the weekends, I slumber with my SO, and man does he have a weird setup: ten pillows, two around his body, one on his face, covers tangled and cacooned all around him. In the end, shouldn't we all just do what we want? Pee in the shower! Walk around naked! Eat crackers in bed! Mouth kiss your dog! God Bless America!

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