The Top Sheet Debate: Use One or Nah?

Pictured above: my cat and myself enjoying some non-top-sheeted relaxation

Okay finally...something I actually agree that millennials may be killing. the Top Sheet. You know, that piece of fabric that isn't your fitted sheet and isn't your comforter? I haven't used a top sheet my entire adult life (which hasn't been long yet, tbh) and I have no regrets. Here are my reasons:

  1. The top sheet just gets tangled at my feet in the middle of the night
  2. It's yet another piece to handle when making my bed (which I never do anyways but come on)
  3. I just literally do not care about the top sheet.

Kelsey outlined these in this article...but she's still a top sheet user. She does make some good points, however, about how the comforter needs to be washed more often and that the top sheet is good for when it's too hot for a comforter but too cold for nothing. So here's what I do in those instances, Kels...

  • I wash my comforter more often than top sheeters probably do. 
  • I either choose something warmer to wear to bed, just stick one foot out, or use no comforter if I'm too hot since I truly don't mind it. 

Tbh I didn't even know that the top sheet was a thing that us millennials were using less...I just thought I was lazy about it because I'm lazy about most things. I thought this up until Kelsey took a nap in my bed once and freaked out that I didn't have one (like, legit texted me while I was on vacation to inquire why in the world I don't have a top sheet on my bed). To see if I was truly in the minority, and to make myself feel better since Kelsey seemed so horrified by my non-use, I asked a few other millennial friends if they use a top sheet. Their answer? They don't. So according to my own findings and the new research out suggesting that millennials are "killing" top sheets...what they're saying must be true. 

Sure, I could get a top sheet, but after this many years of not using one...why? I'm not gonna knock anyone who uses a top sheet; I just don't want to use one myself. I'd rather use the time I'd spend untangling a top sheet each night for something sleeping. You know how many minutes that could build up to in life?! HOW MANY Z's I COULD BE CATCHING?! 

So non-millennials who have conducted this research: I agree with you this time. And I'm completely okay with it. Enjoy your top sheets while they exist still...and I'm gonna take a nap.

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