Are You Actually Adulting?: The Top Ten Signs

If having chicken nuggets and mac & cheese as a favorite meal doesn't do it already, being the youngest person that I see at work every morning makes me feel like SUCH a young child. BUT NOT TODAY! Because FINALLY there's some proof that I may be an adult after all.

A new survey says that there are ten big signs that us millennials think of when we are trying to decide if we're actually doing the Adulting thing. So here is their list of adulting signs, along with the reasons why on April 6th, 2018 I can officially say I AM AN ADULT!

10. Being on time for work

Okay, wait. This is one I haven't been able to conquer quite yet. Moving on~~

9. Moving out of your parents' house

I finally moved all the way out of my parents' house two years ago! And this may be my favorite adulting reward ever, tbh. Living alone (with a cat, of course) was my very first step to feeling fully independent. 

8. Cooking your own meals I can cook when I want to. Whether it's chicken nuggets with mac & cheese or garlic herb chicken with four cheese risotto, I can actually make something edible and survive the night! I just honestly don't do it that often. Can I get a 1/2 point for this one?

7. Filing your taxes

Omg, I do this! Like, immediately after I receive my W2 because I need [to spend] that hard-earned refund ASAP~~ Which leads me to:

6. Making a budget

This has admittedly been the hardest part of my entire short stint of adulthood thus far. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to make a budget and actually stick to it. I think the real adulting part of it is probably having that self oops.

5. Paying for your car on your own

I do this! I do this! It's not the newest or fanciest of cars, but I'm paying for it all by my lonesome. It's actually my second car because the first one I paid off on my own completely deteriorated soon after. The joys of teenage automobile ownership.

4. Paying rent or a mortgage on your own

Defs not a mortgage, obviously, since I'm a millennial. But I do pay for my own rent. And it's not cheap around here without having a roommate; let me tell ya. But I'm doing the thang.

3. Paying a bill on your own

See: the reason I'm broke already five hours after getting paid today. Thanks, student loans!

2. Being financially independent

This feels so freaking good. There's no other way to put it. It's been a tough road with lots of ramen days even after college, but I will not sacrifice my pride to be back on my parents' dime, #sorrynotsorry.

1. Having a steady job

Omg...I always wanted a steady job and I actually have one. A strange one with really weird hours, but a job nonetheless. And without it I wouldn't be able to do any of the above things I mentioned. So I guess that means I have to thank Dave and Jimmy for that....uh..maybe later.

So, SEE! I'm an adult. At least 75% adult. <---And look, I even did math.

Where's my trophy?

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