It's National Siblings Day! -- Here Are Some Sibling Facts

Today, April 10th, is National Siblings Day...and I have a few of those! There's my brother Tim, my sister Akili, and my brother from another mother Lucas. In case you needed to see them, here they are: 

The past:

Growing up with them was sometimes a blast, sometimes the worst, and sometimes just really helpful. If there's ever a moment when you're growing up that you don't have a friend in the world, it's nice to know you have your siblings. Some of my favorite lifetime memories ( singing karaoke in the living room, going to Disney World, sticking together during family reunions, etc.) have been spent with them and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The facts:

There's a new sibling survey out and the results are relatable AF, at least to me. Here we go: 

  • One out of five people say they're totally different than their siblings

If there was ever a fact that described me, this would be it. Growing up, I was ridiculously different than both of my siblings. Both of them were always super outgoing, extroverted, and ready to go on adventures at any times of the day (whether it got them in trouble or not...hehe). I was super shy, introverted, and often turned down socialization to stay home and watch tv. I was lots of fun.

  • Ten percent of people surveyed are best friends with their brother or sister.

I do think very fondly of my siblings. Whether my sister needs to vent about mom or my brother wants to send me a guitar jam recording he's done or I just want to pick on them on Facebook, we always know we'll be there for each other. It's a very close bond that I'm not sure we would've had if we didn't grow up together, you know?

  • Thirty-six percent of people say it's best to be the oldest child, thirty-one percent think it's best to be the youngest, eighteen percent think the middle child is best, and fifteen percent would rather just be an only child.

I'm the oldest child and I'm okay with it. I do think that my brother and sister may have been unfairly compared to me at times...and since I was the lamest kid of life it really shocked my parents when my siblings became teenagers and actually did rebellious teenager things that they weren't prepared for. Oops.

  • Eight percent of people have had a fight with their siblings that has drawn blood.

I am sad to say that I fall into this eight percent...but I am also surprised that it's not a higher percentage! Whether it was fighting over who got the tv remote, who got to use the computer, or who had to put the cereal box away...we were arguers. And sometimes we got heated! Fights were had and blood was drawn! Okay, that sounds way worse than it actually was...but lbh, a scratch or two can't be THAT uncommon amongst siblings, right?

The appreciation:

Facts aside, I very much appreciate my siblings. They're the only ones who understand my upbringing and the foundations of why I am who I am today. And what's even better is that now they've blessed me with little ones of their own that I am so thankful to see growing and navigating this thing we call life. (See below).

If you have a sibling, think about what you appreciate about them today. Post a picture with them or even *gasp!* reach out and say hello! Happy National Siblings Day :) 

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