Study Says 84% of People Watch Netflix With Their Pets

Have you ever watched Netflix with your pet? Chances are, you have. That's according to a study Netflix released recently. 

Here are their findings:

  • 84% of people have watched Netflix with their pet
  • 71% find their pets to be the best binge partner
  • 31% have a separate Netflix profile for their pet
  • 28% have turned to their pets for comfort during a sad or scary scene
  • 27% have talked to their pet about the show or movie they were watching
  • 17% have bribed their pets with treats to watch longer
  • 13% have turned off a show because their pet didn't like it

My own experience:

I have watched Netflix with my cat so often that I actually find it baffling that 84% instead of 100% of people who have pets haven't done so. I've binged an entire season of Orange is the New Black with my cat on my chest (see below). I mean, he isn't paying attention during most of the time that we're watching, but I enjoy watching it with him by my side.

My favorite moments, though, are when he is ACTUALLY paying attention. I've noticed that he pays the most attention when I'm watching something that involves other animals and -- you guessed it -- CATS! The first time I saw him watching and seemingly enjoying Netflix was when I was watching a cat documentary (yep, I'm the coolest person you'll ever meet). We watched the entire 90 minute documentary together and when it was over he looked at me and meowed SO loudly. It was the first time he had looked away from the tv in at least an hour. I couldn't believe he was enjoying watching his ancestors so much! 

When it comes to the actual shows people watch the most with their pets, here are the top ten: 

1.  "Stranger Things"

2.  "Fuller House"

3.  "13 Reasons Why"

4.  "Orange Is the New Black"

5.  "House of Cards"

6.  "Black Mirror"

7.  "Marvel's Daredevil"

8.  "A Series of Unfortunate Events"

9.  "The Ranch"

10.  "Better Call Saul"

The Netflix and Pet trend is real. 

If you're in the minority of this survey's findings, maybe you should experiment with watching Netflix with your pets! They're already there in your living room anyways so why not see if they're actually into what you're watching? And if you are in the majority, let me know what you watch the most with your pet! Maybe I'll try it out :) 

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