In Honor of the Royal Wedding, Here's My London Trip Recap

The Royal Wedding happens TOMORROW and it's truly a worldwide event! This is why I feel so lucky to have been on Royal ground just a few months ago! So in honor of the Royal Wedding, here's a little dive into my Not-So-Royal London trip!

First of all...the very second I stepped off of the Tube and into London I felt like I was in a movie. Red double-deckers, red phone booths, and beautifully old buildings were everywhere. It was like a dream!

Tony Dibbin, British friend of Dave & Jimmy, showed me around parts of London and the guy knows his city. Between giving me a tour like a real tour guide, he led us to Tattershall Castle pub on the river and bought us fish & chips and a pint of real London lager with a view of the London Eye!

A nerd like me can't go to London without stopping by SOMETHING Harry Potter-related. In my case, I went to King's Cross Station to find Platform 9 3/4 because let's be honest...who doesn't want to visit Hogwarts if it's a possibility?!

I ran into this Mr. Bean impersonator and was equal parts creeped out and delighted at his likeness:

AND bonus...I ran into my boss, Mr. Jimmy Jam himself. 

Overall, London was beautiful, breathtaking, and a lot of fun. 100% would go again! Congrats to Meghan and Prince Harry on their wedding and THANKS A LOT FOR INVITING ME...NOT.

Jk. Happy Royal Wedding :)

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