Journey Through Heart of Africa: A VIP Experience at The Columbus Zoo!

My GF Shawna and I experienced something WAY TOO COOL this past week and you can as well...!

Journey Through Heart of Africa: A VIP Experience is a 3-hour Exclusive Tour happening Thursdays, Saturday, and Sundays NOW through Sept 6th at our Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for ages 10 and up! 

This exclusive tour features a ride in a rugged safari vehicle over an open savanna amongst the animals

Check out our pictures and video below...!

We also got to tour inside behind-the-scenes areas (cameras had to be OFF for this) to see where the animals live and receive an incredibly high quality of care and health care. 

Highlights of the three hour tour included:

  • Quality time with Animal Care Specialists and Educators to learn about the animals and how the zoo cares for them
  • Up-close experiences with some of the inhabitants in the Heart of Africa region, while riding in a free range safari vehicle
  • Exclusive access to several different behind-the-scenes areas that house many of the hoofstock, lions and giraffes

Times/Dates:     9:30am-12:30pm May 24-Sep 6 (Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays only)

Enjoy our pictures and videos to see if you're interested in experiencing this three hour exclusive tour! (We highly recommend it!


Columbus Zoo VIP
Columbus Zoo VIP Experience


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