Free Food Today For Halloween!

Halloween and Trick-Or-Treat isn't jut for the kids! If you or the kids want some free things you just need to wear your costume to a few places today!

1.  Krispy Kreme: free donut if you're wearing a costume.


2.  Chipotle:  $4 burrito if you're wearing a costume.


3.  Baskin-Robbins: $1.50 scoops, no costume required.


4.  7-Eleven: buy one, get one free pizza tonight, using their app.


5.  Quiznos: free tots, no costume required.


6.  IHOP: free "scary face" pancake for kids, no costume required.


7.  Sonic: 50-cent corn dogs, no costume required.


8.  Cheesecake Factory: free cheesecake, if you get it delivered with Door Dash. 

9. Chuck-E-Cheese: Kids get 50 FREE tickets for showing up in costume

10. Outback Steakhouse: Kids get a FREE kids meal for showing up in costume. 

Krazy Coupon Lady

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