The Bachelor Recap : Episode Three | Pillow Fight Night

It's been a week since Bachelor Nation faced the ChampagneGate and I think were all pretty much done with recovery.

And juuuuusttt as we recover, last night's episode picks up right where we left off with Hannah Ann sobbing from Kelsey's champagne allegations. If you aren't sure what went down, peep last week's recap.

Victoria P(lease win)

The sobbing continues for the next five minutes and then it cuts to Victoria P's date with the Bachelor. In my first recap article, I mentioned that Victoria is 1000% going to be AT LEAST in the bottom two at the end of Peter's ~journey~ and this date proved my prediction!

Peter and Victoria (who look SO good together) drive around in his cute lil pick-up truck where they explore his hometown. Long story short, the (HAWT) couple pick up some cowboy boots to get in the theme of the date where they go line-dancing!!

Later that night, the two sit down for dinner where they're surrounded by planes (casual.) There, Victoria P opens up about her past and the rough childhood she experienced. Legit another reason why I LOVE her, she has the biggest heart!!

Peter is smitten and without question, gives her the rose. She's SAFE!!!

Pillow Fight!!

On this week's group-date, the girls get woken up by the queen herself, Demi (from Colton's season) where they get pounded with fluffy pillows and eventually ended up being the theme of the date. The girls are given very revealing outfits, aka lingerie which ends up being pronounced as, 'lingery' and blew up all over Twitter last night.

The date revolved around messy pillow fights and my OCD was going through the roof because feathers were EVERYWHERE. It came down to Sydney and Alayah as the finalists.

Earlier in the day, Sydney was speculating how genuine the pageant girl really is on camera versus behind the scenes. So, naturally the two battle it out to prove who deserves Peter more.

Sydney gets completely robbed from the winner title in the "friendly" fight and it goes to Alayah.

To speed it up, that night during the cocktail party, Sydney opens up to Peter about how she doesn't think Alayah is being her true self. He appreciates the way she's looking out for him and later on, he awkwardly puts Sydney on the spot in front of the entire group to mention who is being fake in this process. IT WAS PAINFUL TO WATCH.

This clearly starts an even bigger feud between Sydney and former Miss Texas. Eventually, Alayah tries to prove to Peter that none of that is true. Syndey ends up getting the group-date rose. L O L.

The Pool Party

Instead of a cocktail party before the rose ceremony, the women and Peter "enjoy" a pool party at the Bachelor Mansion but it's not as enjoyable as expected.

Basically, the whole Sydney and Alayah drama continues. A lot of the girls confess that Alayah isn't acting genuine when cameras are around and eventually Peter and her discuss the situation. Alayah proves to Peter that she is who she says she is.

The Rose Ceremony

To sum it up, with two roses left Chris Harrison makes the dramatic entrance a rose too early and reveals that THIS is now the final rose and removes the other one. DUH DUH DUH, so now Alayah, Mykenna and then other random girls I don't know are left. But, Mykenna ends up getting the final rose from the Bachelor and Bachelor Nation was shocked!!

After the Rose Ceremony, Peter chats with producers about her decision with Alayah and whether he should've let her go.

Next Week's Teaser:

Next week looks SOOO intense! Apparently, Alayah returns AND wait for it...Victoria F. goes on a date with Peter where her ex-boyfriend and country singer, Chase Rice is the musical guest...AwKwArD.

This season is getting HECTIC, ppl!!

Here's some of my favorite tweets from last night's episode:

See ya next week, Bachelor Nation!


Peace, Love & Pillows!

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