Dua Lpa Admits She Was Scared To Release ‘Don’t Start Now’

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Dua Lipa’s highly anticipated new album “Future Nostalgia” is almost here and she stopped by the Z100 Studios to talk to Maxwell all about what we can expect.

It’s been awhile since the last time Maxwell had the opportunity to sit down with Dua Lipa. When asked about her Grammy win last year and how its changed her, Dua responded.

“It’s surreal. It’s crazy. The Grammys last year, and winning at The Grammys and performing at the Grammys, was such an incredible experience. It really made me work harder and it pushed me in the direction to make me feel like I need to try something new and try something different. I didn’t want to recreate what had already happened. I wanted to grow and change it up. It was The Grammys that was like yeah you should just go and do it. It’s scary being outside of your comfort zone, and trying something new. Especially after everyone had reacted so well to the first record. I was like okay I’m going to try something completely different and just see what happens.”

Dua Lipa’s newest single, “Don’t Start Now,” was one she was actually scared about releasing. Dua said that, “It was really scary for me to begin with. I didn’t even know if people were going to like it or what they were going to think.”

Dua wouldn’t give Maxwell too much information about the album’s release date or track list, but did tell him that we can expect a “Dancercise class all the way through.”

Watch Dua Lipa’s entire interview with Maxwell below!

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