The Bachelor Recap: Episode Four | The One With The Ex

Bachelor Nation, we NEED to talk. I'm still in shock from last nights DRAMATIC episode. SO much went down and I have a ton of input for y'all. So lets get straight into it.

The ladies are (finally) getting out of the Bachelor Mansion! With the anticipation, the girls were super stoked to go somewhere tropical, sunny and sandy.

Chris Harrison announces that they will be traveling to....Cleveland, Ohio and the girls looked like they wanted to be sent HOME after finding out they were packing their bags to go there.

The Most Uncomfortable Date in Bachelor History:

Talk about awkward...

Peter and Victoria F. enjoy a ~cloudy~ day at an amusement park that was open only for the couple. They go on rides, laugh, know the deal. At the end of the date, Peter surprises Victoria with a special performance from country singer, Chase Rice who happens to be HER EX-BOYFRIEND.

UM WHAT!!! I cringed soooo hard. She felt so uncomfortable but Peter had no idea so she played it off during the performance which was even more awkward. While the country singer was performing, the cameras would pan over to him laughing and smirking. It was hella weird. I think Victoria made it worse by singing along to every single word. Peter even got excited and said "Wow you know all the words, huh?"

After the performance, cameras show the singer and the Bachelor exchanging phone numbers so I guess they're officially "bros" now? Chase and Victoria end up addressing the elephant in the room and he didn't seem to give a crap tbh.

The date ends with Peter and Victoria having an intense dinner where she confronts Peter about her ex-fling and he was pretty chill about it...Next!

Down, Set, Hike!

Nothing too juicy went on during this date other than the ladies being stellar athletes on the field!!

Things got intense during the night portion of the date. Alayah, who got sent home last week RETURNED!! She came back to clear up all of the rumors that the girls were telling Peter which resulted in her exit.

Alayah explains to Peter that she has been friends with Victoria P. even though last week, Victoria told Peter that she was told by Alayah to tell producers they don't know each other amid their corresponding pageant careers. (TEA)

Long story short, I feel like Victoria P. is lying if I'm being honest. She had no reason as to why she told Peter she didn't know Alayah. She needs to go home.

At the end of the night, Peter made the BOLD move by not only asking Alayah to come back but also gave her the group date rose and the ladies were FUMING.

The episode ended with the girls absolutely ROASTING Peter for his decision to bring Alayah back.

Here are some of my favorite tweets from last night's show!!

Next week is a two-nighter which means double the drama & I'm ready!!

See you next week for more drama, Bachelor Nation!

Peace, Love & Exes! XOXO

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