My Thoughts on Jake Paul's Suicide Forest Video

*Trigger warning: suicide and death*

Last week, popular YouTube vlogger Logan Paul posted a video that upset the Internet. In the video, he was seen with a group of friends visiting a "suicide forest" in Japan and then joking and laughing when they found a dead body. Though he blurred out the face of the man's body, the disturbing video showed the body multiple times throughout. 

The video has been taken down from YouTube, but I was able to watch it before it was removed. And I honestly am so interested at what in the world was going on in his mind when he was editing that video. 

Just when you think the video is going to show just a flash of the body from afar (which still would've been a huge WTF moment), it goes on to show multiple chilling closeups of the man. While I can understand the joking and laughing that followed as a coping mechanism for feeling overwhelmed in one moment, that footage absolutely did not have to make the cut of the final video. That man and his loved ones should've been respected in the first place by not showing his body but also by, you know, NOT LAUGHING in the presence of his body. Disgusting. 

If Logan Paul absolutely felt it necessary to post a video like this, maybe he could've at least NOT shown the body. He could've shown his group's reaction and still talked about the importance of suicide awareness...but specifically showing a body and THEN bringing up suicide awareness in the presence of it just did not come off well IMO.

Logan has since apologized amid the backlash, and you can watch that video below:


Much of the Internet is not buying his apology, and apparently neither is YouTube. After finally addressing the issue on their Twitter, they pulled Logan's upcoming film and removed him from the Google Preferred list. 


So what do you think? Was Logan's way of going about raising suicide awareness acceptable or no? 



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