Should Donald Trump's audio-animatronic figure speak during Hall of Presidents show?

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An audio-animatronic robot figure of Donald Trump will be added to the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World. And since every audio-animatronic president since 1993 has delivered a speech in the attraction, this time around will be no different. 

So that leaves us all to wonder: what in the world could the Robot Trump say to thousands of families visiting Disney World each day? I gathered some of my favorite (my tongue is so far in my cheek that I can't even breathe) quotes from his online collection to see what us Disney visitors can be expecting soon:

If we're lucky, Robot Trump could show his softheartedness on the idea of losing loved ones in traumatic accidents:

Maybe Robot Trump's speech will involve a heartfelt take on sex crimes:

Or maybe he'll even inspire visiting minorities with words of encouragement:

Robot Trump wouldn't be Robot Trump if he didn't remind us all how much he truly thinks of us:

But whether or not any of the above actually comes to fruition, we all know there's one thought we can always count on Robot Trump for...and that's covfefe.