Patch That Collects Sweat Eliminates Need For Diabetics To Prick For Blood

Closeup Of Pregnant Woman Pricking Finger To Test Blood Sugar

Photo: Getty Images

Here's today's feel-good story:

Sweat is just as good of a substance to analyze bioanalytes in the body as blood. A sweat-collecting patch has been invented using the same process as how a cactus spine attracts water.

This sweat patch can reduce the hassle for those with diabetes who have to constantly draw blood, and can also be used in wearable devices for healthcare monitoring.

“Difficulties in collecting sweat has hindered its use in wearable healthcare devices,” said Professor Kilwon Cho of POSTECH. “This newly developed patch solves that issue by quickly collecting sweat and facilitating its use in various wearable healthcare devices, including blood sugar monitoring.”

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