Tide Pod Challenge... Pizza?

By now, you probably have heard of the Tide Pod challenge - spoiler alert, it's INCREDIBLY stupid.  The short explanation is, uh, how do I put this... kids eat Tide Pods and post the video on YouTube.  No, I'm not making this up.  Yes, I wish that I was.

Luckily, though, YouTube has been pulling any video of this challenge that gets uploaded.  But a pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY has decided to poke some fun at the challenge and make (what they're calling) a Pied Pods pizza.

But worry not - there's no actual detergent in the pizza (just in case you were wondering.)  The pizzeria has even declared that their Pied Pods pizza is "100% not poison."  Also good to know.  (They're just pizza rolls stuffed with cheese and pepperoni, topped with cheese that's dyed to resemble the orange and blue pods.)

The fine people over at Vice tried the pie in question, and HERE is what they had to say.

And, just in the instance you need any more clarification, Proctor & Gamble (the owners of Tide) enlisted Rob Gronkowski for a "HEY, DON'T EAT THESE!" PSA for you.  You can check that out below.

Once more, just for good measure:  don't eat detergent.  For any reason... ever.

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