Louis Tomlinson Gives JoJo A Tattoo During Their Interview

Louis Tomlinson stopped by the KIIS-FM studios for an interview and JoJo got a tattoo during it!

The last time Louis was chatting with JoJo, they talked about getting a tattoo together. Over time, the idea of getting the tattoo changed and now JoJo was going to let Louis pick out a tattoo for JoJo. But there was a catch... JoJo couldn't see the tattoo until it was completely done!

JoJo and Louis did the entire interview while Mikey Montoya had the needle to JoJo's skin.

JoJo now permanently has a poop emoji and the word "happens" under it. Louis also picked up the needle and initialed "LT" onto JoJo's skin.

Watch the full video below!

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