Kip's Hemangioma

A hemangi-what? A hemangioma, or "strawberry" is a red, sometimes raised birthmark/benign tumor made up of a group of extra blood vessels in a baby's skin.

Kip was born with the smallest little mark on his head. Over time, it grew and grew and grew. Thankfully, it's not on his face, as it can even impair an infant's eyesight. Also, Kip has A LOT of hair, so his hemangioma is hardly visible. I've seen a lot of Facebook friends with new babies with hemangiomas. I've done research, but the cause is still unknown. I couldn't help but blame myself - was it that blue cheese I ate?! Was it my gestational diabetes? The heartburn meds I took? Because I'm of "advanced maternal age"? 

A hemangioma grows during the first year of life, and then shrinks over time. By the time a child is 10, the mark is usually hardly visible. They usually occur on the face, scalp, chest or back, but can appear anywhere on the body. They're more common in white females. 

Typically, no treatment is necessary, unless the hemangioma is near the eye area. 

More about hemangiomas from the Mayo Clinic:

Hemangioma from the Mayo Clinic

PHOTO CRED: Getty images

Hemangiomas can also be flat and spread out over a large area, like this little girl. How sweet is it that her mom had a doll made to look like her? 

Being a mom of a baby with a hemangioma, I noticed right away that the daughter of Super Bowl winning Eagles quarterback Nick Foles also has one:

PHOTO CRED: Getty Images

There is some evidence that hemangiomas might be hereditary. My mom was born with one on her cheek, and since it was the 50s, doctors didn't know how to treat it. They ended up using radiation on her, causing a lifelong scar, as well as impaired vision in one eye. So sad! It's amazing to now live in a time where we know so much, and have so many resources for our little ones. 

Here's baby Kippy before his hemangioma surfaced.

Fun fact: we've nicknamed Kip's birthmark as his "Gorby," for former Russian politician Mikhail Gorbachev, who had one on his head.



PHOTO CRED: Getty Images

So that's my story. If you've read this far, you probably have a baby with a hemangioma or knows someone who does. Full disclosure, Jimmy is driving me insane rn, so goodbye for now, time to go back to being his work wife.

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