Kristies Horoscope Of The Day, Friday October 19th

Aries: You are gonna be EXTRA today. When you order your starbucks you'll need to take three breaths in the middle of your long a** order. But hey! You're always extra.

Libra: Today might not go the way you might be stuck in the middle of a fight between two coworkers you don't even like. Just tell them straight up, "You guys are the worst the work by and honestly Brenda I know you've been eating my yogurts."

Taurus: Do not let your friends make your decisions for you because if you do you'll be 7 tequila shots deep singing "I will always love youuuu" to a stranger at the bar. 

Scorpio: Don't hard to impress other people. Show up to your friends place in sweats and drink all their wine. 

Gemini: FRIYAY which means you're going to sit around creepin on your exs fb page- god speed. He's engaged to someone WAY LESS attractive ( or at least thats what your friends will say)

Sagittarius: Maybe skip that shopping spree this weekend because GURL YOU ARE BROKE but do go to the chinese buffet and eat until you vomit on sunday. Trust me- I'm psychic. Kinda. 

Cancer: Whoa there buddy time to slow down on the relationship talk. It will scare him away. Just get drunk and text him at 2am "wyd" because trust me that's all he cares about. 

Capricorn: Dont try to avoid situations that could potentially turn out badly...go seek them out! So what if you end up on fire running from the police IT'S CALLED AN ADVENTURE.   

Leo: You will get a call today. Ignore it. Trust us it is not worth answering a phone call and being force to "have a conversation"

Virgo: There has never been a better time to sit inside all day long and watch netflix. Who am I kidding?? You do that every weekend!

Aquarius:  Wow you are in a good place right now! You might not realize this yet but heyyyy you have HBO GO and you don't even pay for it! You got it from an ex roomies bf and you are killin it in life! 

Pisces: This weekend is all about you! Take time to focus on yourself and your wellbeing which means use the phrase "treat yourself" way too much when using your credit card to buy things you will never need. 

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