Name: Boxer

Birthday: September 11th

Hometown: Fairmont, MN

Instagram: @theboxershow

Twitter: @theboxershow

Facebook: The Boxer Show (Public Figure)



1. Music I grew up listening to...Everything-Country, Pop, 80's-90's, Big Band

2. My family life is...EVERYTHING to Me

3. My last impulse buy was...Candy

4. My favorite country artist to listen to is...FGL, George Strait, Dierks Bentley

5. Right now my favorite Country song is...Changes Everyday

6. In my spare time I...I don't have much Spare time, but I enjoy Learning anything New-Skill, Education, Meeting New People

7. My dream vacation to go on is...Rent a Yacht in the Mediterranean for a week with the fam

8. My favorite "Adult Beverage" is...Wine, Fireball

9. When watching sports I am rooting for...Buckeyes, Vikings, Twins, Reds, Manchester U

10. Three Words that describe me best are: Honest, Loyal, Firecracker,



(614) 821-WNCI / (800) 822-WNCI