Intern Kali's 60 Second Interview

"Goin' Back to "Kali"

New intern alert! Meet "Goin' Back to "Kali." You've probably heard her as a guest DJ for Maxwell on air during the 9 at 9 but she's officially interning for Z and she couldn't be happier!! Intern Kali is answering the most interesting yet bazaar questions helping you get to know the newest addition to the Z100 family. Who's her celeb crush? (fun fact, she's seen him 8 times in concert...if you cared) Does she prefer pineapple on her pizza? What about her biggest pet peeve? If you wanna know more about Intern Kali, make sure to subscribe to Maxwell's Youtube channel and comment down below more burning questions you're dying to hear answers to! 'Goin back to Kali' part two?! Submit some more questions and stay tuned!

For now, follow along on Intern Kali's journey as an intern at Z100! You wont regret it!

Instagram: @kalikathrynn

Twitter: @kalikathryn

Click the video below to check out Intern Kali's 60 Second Interview!

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