"Never Been Kissed Girl" Gets A Name Change | The Bachelor Recap: Week 5

Kiss Da Girl!

As Sebastian from The Little Mermaid would say, "Go and kiss da girl," thats exactly what The Bachelor himself did, he kissed the girl! (it's about time) . On night one, Heather, being labeled as the "Never Been Kissed" contestant admitted that she had never been kissed before. On week 5, the 23 year old's name FINALLY changed to "Been Kissed." After their one on one date, the two sat down for dinner and was probably the, *Chris Harrison voice* Most Cringe Worthy Scene in Bachelor History. They really need to make to make that a new category. Heather eventually got a rose from Colton and kissed and kissed and kissed. I guess she got the hang of it?

Onyeka vs. Nicole

During the group-date, the group of girls went on an adventurous date into the jungle of Thailand. Not to get into any specific details, the bachelorettes searched the jungle for food and water and Hannah B. ate an entire bug (AH) but it earned her a group date rose. Later on at dinner, drama irrupted when Onyeka dropped a bombshell to Colton that apparently Nicole said she was only on the show to "find an opportunity to leave Miami." Nicole denies it to Colton. Apparently, all Nicole said was that you have to take opportunities and they can change your life. The feud arises between Onyeka and Nicole at the rose ceremony when Onyeka claims to have said, "Nicole's literally psycho." On the other hand, Nicole confesses to Colton that Onyeka has been bullying her since they met and apparently spread a rumor that she is "emotionally unstable." HARSH. The drama continues throughout the night and I was just over it.

Cassie + Colton

Things heated up in Thailand during Cassie's one-on-one date. The two set out to sea and spent the day on a private island. The entire date consisted of their chemistry and it was definitely there. Wishing I was

Alexa, play Jealous by Nick Jonas

I was really rooting for you Elyse. TBH, I'm disappointed. Not only did you look like a legit Disney princess but you were perfect for Colton in my eyes. Not to get too far into it because I'm low-key sad, shortly after Heather came back from her date with the Bachelor and dished all the cute details, the 31 year-old ended up leaving the show because she couldn't handle the connections being made by the other girls. Yet again, The Bachelor is known to have 30 plus men/women chasing after ONE Bachelor or Bachelorette? Did she expect to be the only one on the show? She admitted that she "wouldn't be able to accept a proposal in the end." Colton tries his best to keep her and reminds her that it isn't a competition. His words didn't cut it, and she was gone.

To Colton:

Just know I would NEVER leave you.

Love, Intern Kali :)

From the wise words of Ariana Grande, thank u, next...

Heres your 37 Second Bachelor Recap Video from Intern L-Mac!

See ya next week, Bachelor Nation!

Peace, Love & Roses

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