Need A New Show To Watch? Check Out One Of These Buzz-worthy Shows


It seems like new shows are coming out left and right! Plus, with Fall quickly approaching we'll be getting even more. So, if you need something new to watch check out these two shows and the third one is on the way!


I'm gonna start with Hulu's newest show, "Four Wedding and A Funeral." The show was created by Mindy Kaling and anything she touches I'm ALL in. So, it's a show about privileged, bratty millennials confronted with the beginning of adulthood. To me sounds like an upgraded Gossip Girl.

It premiered July 31 on Hulu and new episodes drop every Wednesday.


BH90210 is ICONIC! It's the OG cast as "heightened version of themselves." It's inspired by their real lives and relationships. It's being considered a non-reboot we will see how this lands with fans of the original series!

It returned August 14th and new episodes air every Wednesday at 9pm on Fox.


And finally, Batwoman! This one stars Ruby Rose as Gotham's Kate Kane. The series centered on a LGBTQ+ superhero coupled with the darkness of the Batman universe.

It debuts on the CW October 6 and will air Sundays at 8pm.

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