Shh! Sisanie Wants to Do This Behind Husband Michael’s Back …

Shhh! Sisanie wants to cut Maxon’s hair without her husband Michael. The mom to twins Aiza and Maxon shared with Ryan Seacrest and Tanya Rad on-air on Friday, November 15, that Maxon’s hair is just getting too long.

“I’m going to go today and cut Maxon’s hair and I’m pretty sure Michael’s not even going to notice,” Sis said. “Because it’s getting too shaggy and we decided to let it grow out — I’ve already done the first haircut and I got the moment I wanted to get as a mom with the pictures and all that — so I’m OK with letting him have longer hair, but it’s in his face so I just want to clean it up.”

The debate at hand? Will Michael care if Sisanie trims Maxon’s hair without him.

“I’m Maxon’s mom, I can go and do whatever I want,” Sis joked. “I gotta get it done!”

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