A Texas Zoo Will Feed Your Ex To A Meerkat... Kind Of

Ah, Valentine's Day.

Some people love it, some people despise it, and some people just hate being single during it. Which, is fair!

But what if I told you there was a way that you could get some closure, or revenge, on an ex thanks to a zoo in Texas that is willing to let you name a cockroach after your awful ex... and then watch that cockroach be fed to a hungry meerkat.

Yes, I know, it probably sounds too good to be true.

The El Paso Zoo announced their upcoming event, called "Quit Bugging Me" which allows people to name a cockroach after their ex, and then tune into a live stream on Valentine's Day at 2:15pm (central time!) to see all those named roaches be fed to meerkats!


IF you want to participate in the event, though, you need to send them the name of your ex TODAY!!

As for why the zoo decided this was the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day?

“The meerkats love to get cockroaches as a snack and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by feeding them a cockroach named after your ex!”

What's even better is that after the zoo received such a positive response to this event, they decided they would try to spread some of the love... or hate? to the other animals.

A follow-up Facebook post by the zoo said that they were working on what other animals they could have participate in the event and that feeding times would be announced some time this week.

The post has been shared over 4,500 times, so I'm not surprised that the zoo is now looking into expanding the event. The more exes getting eaten the merrier!

And let's face it, it's all in good fun here. We're not really talking about taking down anyone's exes.

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