You Can Use 'Baby Shark' To Teach Your Kid CPR

My kids are obviously not old enough to learn CPR just yet, but if yours are, you might want to listen up.

That song that you cannot get out of your heads, "Baby Shark" can actually help you teach your kids how to perform CPR and an EMT proved it by shooting a video with his 2-year-old daughter, showing how she was able to learn from her favorite song.

California CPR instructor Chris Pietroforte went viral when he posted the video of his daughter Saige practicing CPR to the beat of "Baby Shark" on a dummy. Even more, he captioned the photo, "If this beautiful 2-year-old can learn CPR/AED, what’s stopping you?" and now I feel like none of us have a reason to not be certified, right?


While it's hard to hear in the video, Saige apparently learned the beat of CPR thanks to the beat of the popular kid's song.

"Baby Shark" is definitely a great option for teaching kids how to do CPR, but don't forget the recent story of how an episode of The Office helped save someone's life because it highlighted learning CPR to the beat of "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees!

Saige's dad explained that "any song that's between 100 to 120 bpm, you can do chest compressions to.” For children looking to learn CPR, using a song they recognize is the first step to assuring they would know what to do in a moment of panic.

Having twins, I definitely want to teach each of them how to do CPR. For the next several years, they're going to be together most of the time, so knowing that they each could help the other if something awful happened would be a relief!

And don't forget - it's important to have adults around who know CPR as well! Use "Baby Shar" or "Stayin' Alive" or any other song with 100 to 120 bpm to help you stay on beat!

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