It Was A Big Day For John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Luna


In the midst of John Legend getting ready to perform and attend last night's iHeartRadio Music Award, he and wife Chrissy Teigen were making some biiiig moves in their household.

John and Chrissy's 2-year-old daughter (almost 3-year-old) Luna Stephens had a big change happen yesterday: she got her first big girl bed.

The day that my twins transition into their first big kid beds, I know I'm going to be SO emotional over it, so even this story is giving me all the mommy-feels.

Chrissy, of course, shared video of the big event on Instagram and Luna's reaction is beyond sweet.

In the first video, captioned "BIG DAY OVER HERE", Luna seemed to be in awe over the bed... and then decided she didn't want to get up into it until her stuffed animals could join her:


That is a girl who knows what she wants - things were just NOT right until she grabbed all her stuffed animals, much to her parents entertainment.

Then, in a second video, we see Luna arranging her toys on her bed and getting comfortable while chatting with her parents and grandma.


After Luna seems to get pretty happy with the bed/toys situation, she sweetly says "thank you mama" and now we're all melting.

If I feel this much emotion over someone else's daughter getting her first big girl bed... I can't even imagine the mess I'm going to be when Aiza and Maxon are ready for their own big beds.

Kids grow up too fast! It's almost time to celebrate my twins' first birthday and I cannot believe how quickly all this time has flown by.

And Luna is almost exactly 2 years older than them, so we're not far from my kids hitting the same milestones that she is!

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