Reese Witherspoon And Jennifer Garner Set Their Pregnancy Rumors Straight


Are there babies on the way for Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner? Well, if you believed the tabloids then you would certainly think so!

Buuut Reese made it pretty clear that she is not expecting another child - and neither is her friend Jen Garner - in a new Instagram post that hilariously pokes fun at the rumors.

Reese posted a photo of the tabloid cover which featured she and Jen, with the headline "Jen & Reese Baby Bombshells!" and a subhead saying there was "shock and joy for the Hollywood BFFs", and captioned the photo letting evvvveryone know that these babies they're expecting are certainly not real.

"Hey @jennifer.garner! Can we raise our imaginary babies together?"

There's a confirmation she's not pregnant, if you've ever needed one.

Jennifer hilarious responded going along with Reese's joke: “We are going to be the cutest imaginary family!! I’ll just go ahead and move in now…”

I mean, I definitely day dreamed about having kids at the same time as my best friend and living next door to their family when I was younger, so if this pair of Hollywood friends really were both pregnant, it would be awesome.

Other stars joined in on the joke. Sarah Michelle Gellar asked if she could imaginary babysit, and Reese named her the imaginary god mother to the imaginary kids.

As you likely know, both Reese and Jen are already moms, so this really wouldn't be the most shocking news if it were true.

Tabloids are running out of things to come up with, maybe??

One commenter on Reese's post wrote how "Oprah once said on her show that every once in a while she would go to the grocery store to read what she had been up to" and another advised her to "enjoy every minute" because "imaginary babies grow up so fast!"

Good luck with your imaginary babies, ladies!

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