One NFL Team Now Has An Emotional Support Dog And It's So Sweet

World, meet Zoë.

She is the cutest, sweetest, and tiniest member of the San Francisco 49ers, but she does a LOT more than just sit there and look cute.

Zoë is the first emotional support dog in the NFL, and, honestly, I'm starting to think that all NFL teams - and even all professional sports teams - should have an emotional support dog like Zoë to keep their players happy and supported.

Zoë is the first official emotional support animal in the NFL. She is a year-old French Bulldog who was adopted by Austin Moss, the team's director of player engagement. Clearly Austin knew what he was doing, too, because the photos of the players with Zoë on her (yes, her very own!) Instagram feed proves she's doing more than supporting the players... she's also emotionally supporting the rest of the world with how cute and sweet she is.

The players spend time with their little emotional support pup in between practices and before and after games. Had a hard practice? Play with Zoë. Nervous about a game? Cuddle Zoë. Had a bad loss? Just LOOK AT Zoë.

It's all genius.

Zoë is currently a registered emotional support dog, but she's working on becoming a certified therapy dog.

Austin Moss talked about the importance of having the dog around:

“These guys are very strong powerful men that aren’t used to be able to express their emotions freely... But when you come in here in a safe space, and you know that it’s just about being yourself and having a good time and getting some help that you may need — Zoë brings a lot of value to that.”

What an incredible way to get people who aren't comfortable opening up or sharing their emotions to do so. I'm starting to think all HR departments at work should also have an emotional support dog?

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