One Woman Ran The New York City Marathon While Pumping

Crowds Turn Out To Cheer On New York City Marathon Runners

Crowds Turn Out To Cheer On New York City Marathon Runners

Running a marathon is a huge feat for ANYONE.

Having a baby and getting back to normal life and feeling like yourself again is a huge accomplishment for women.

But what about deciding to run a marathon only 8 months after welcoming a new baby... and still breast pumping through the entire 26.2 miles.

I know, it sounds like I'm making this up. But I'm definitely not! One mom just did the nearly unthinkable and ran the New York City marathon over the weekend, and crossed the finish line with DOZENS of ounces of breast milk that she had pumped while running the big race.

Molly Waitz just opened up about her experience running the marathon, and shared that she never even actually imagined herself running a marathon. Let alone doing so while still breast pumping.

Completing the marathon while only 8 months post-partum is such a huge feat, but Molly proved to be even more of a BOSS, because she did it all for charity. Of course she did!

Molly chose to run her first marathon on behalf of First Candle, a Connecticut-based charity that raises awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and support for "families who have experienced a loss," according to its website.

She was able to complete the marathon thanks to a hands-free breast pump made by Willow. She stored the breast pump in her sports bra and ran freely. Then the pump, which is connected via Bluetooth to an app, would notify her when a bag was full. She would then put the full bags in a backpack she wore while running and kept going!

Molly finished the race in six hours and 46 minutes, according to official race results, and pumped nearly 20 ounces of breast milk.


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