Alex Trebek Made All Of Us Emotional On Jeopardy Last Night

46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Press Room

46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Press Room

It's safe to say when I saw this special moment between Jeopardy host Alex Trebek and a contestant last night I was VERY emotional. As was just about everyone who witnessed this unexpected emotional exchange.

If you did not know - Alex has been battling pancreatic cancer and revealed he was seeking treatment for the stage 4 cancer back in March. He took some time off from the popular game show at the time, but was then able to return and continue his hosting duties. More recently, though, he revealed that he was going to have to return to chemo. And the treatment may keep him from being able to host the game show for too much longer.

Which is what makes last night's exchange between Alex and contestant Dhruv Gaur so touching. The contestant was in third place during Final Jeopardy, and when he realized he did not know the correct answer for the question - and therefore did not have a chance of winning - he used that time instead to pay tribute to the host.

As if that wasn't enough, Alex actually got emotional and you can hear him tearing up as he reads the answer.

Watch the touching moment:

There may be nothing more heartbreaking than hearing Alex's voice shake as he reads out what Dhruv wagered for the obviously incorrect answer. He gave up all his money except $5. And it's a moment fans of the show may never forget.

And the sweet exchange doesn't even stop there. Dhruv also tweeted about the moment, writing that he used the opportunity to "say what everyone was thinking."

He added the hashtag #WeLoveYouAlex, which then trended on Twitter throughout the evening.

I MEAN. If this didn't even tug at your heart strings, you need them looked at. Because I FULLY cannot handle how sweet this is. Wishing you a full recovery and good health, Alex!

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