WATCH: Justin Bieber and James Corden Learn Choreography From Kids

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With his new album in five years being released just last week, Justin Bieber has decided to take over for James Corden on The Late Late Show this week. And honestly, the content has been fantastic.

But my favorite thing to come from the week so far (and sadly, it's almost over) is this bit with Justin and James learning choreographer from little kids. Maybe it's just the mom in me who loooves watching these little kids have their moment with the two stars, or it's just how hilarious the entire idea is, but either way I'm SOLD.

The segment is part of a running series that James does called "Toddlerography" and it's all around perfection. Watch Justin join in on the fun:

These kids are going to go on to become some of the best actors of our time, right? The little girl at the beginning looking at Justin with a stone cold face and saying "are you ready?" is sooo funny.

Then the kids teach them dances to Justin's song "Baby" from wayyyy back when he first came into the music scene 10 years ago when he was just a teenager.

Being taught toddlerography honestly looks like its a pretty good work out? Maybe I should get my twins to be my dance class instructors.

Justin clearly kept up with the dancers just a little better than James did, but hey! He's a professional performer! He should be able to keep up with some kids' strange and extreme dance moves.

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