You Have To See The Moment Lil Nas X Crashed This Wedding


Last week on air we talked to someone who had Maroon 5 show up and perform at their wedding - with the husband arranging the details for it to work out so the bride had no idea - and now this weekend it looks like Lil Nas X crashed a wedding at Disney World.

And from the looks on the faces of the guests, people were absolutely SHOOK.

Lil Nas X shared the hilarious video of he and the bride running into the reception together with his hit song "Old Town Road" playing in the background. He simply captioned the post "just crashed a wedding at disney world."

While the bride is in her wedding dress (of course) - Lil Nas is wearing an all-white sweat suit and a white cowboy hat. When they run into the wedding, they immediately start dancing with kids that are in attendance and my only question is... how did this happen? And follow up question, where is the groom?!

Perhaps the best moment of the entire video is the female guest who is caught on video having the reaction we all were having while watching this for the first time: she yelled "what the f*** is happening?!" and like, same.

We may never get the answers to my questions like "HOW" and "WHO" and "WHAT" but all I do know is that it looks like they had an incredible time.

I really don't know what I would have done if someone like Calvin Harris had crashed my wedding. Or Maroon 5 or Lil Nas X for that matter. Was the bride in on it the whole time?! Clearly it doesn't seem like the families or guests knew what was gong on...

What's the best surprise you've seen happen at a wedding??

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Photo: Getty Images

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