Well I think we'd all agree that brides used to plan their ENTIRE wedding, and the groom just had to show up . . . preferably sober, and in a tux :-) 

But not surprisingly, 60% of couples now say the groom has become a lot more involved.   If yours is NOT, maybe send him here... :-)


Here are five ways GUYS are now HELPING: 


#1.)  Half of all couples say that the groom picked the venue.   


#2.)  The bride's family used to be responsible for paying for everything . . . and 52% of couples say that her parents are paying at least some of the costs.  But 44% say that HIS parents are also contributing money.


#3.)  One in three grooms helped pick the cake. 


#4.)  One in three grooms are responsible for haggling to get better prices.


#5.)  And one in 20 grooms say they chose the flowers for the ceremony. 


(Female First)